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I've had an eventful week so far. I began a massive cleaning out of my studio on Saturday. Lots of getting old roommates and random people their stuff back. As if I don't clutter it up enough myself! Unfortunately I haven't finished it yet, I'm bad about not finishing what I start. I tend to nitpick about little things when I clean, and get tired by the time I get to the big stuff. Maybe later...

Sunday, my brother helped me make a big planter for my herb garden. I wasn't able to plant my seedlings until this morning as last night I filled one of my tires up with too much air and blew it. Yay. This cute little old man helped me put my spare on and by the time I commuted home it was dark. Soo, Johnny cooked smoked burgers & bratwurst, while I made my dog a toy. It took me an hour and she destroyed it in 5 minutes :p

I've begun working on this leather choker design. Super-excited about the spikes. I'm still fiddling with it's final appearance, but I need to pick up a few things to finish it. Smaller beads and saw-toothed washers. I'm worried the spikes may be too heavy once it's on, but I really have no other way of figuring it out. I'm happy with the rose, it's surprising light, so the whole thing might just work.

I have a shoot Thursday with one of my old college-mates. Haven't even begun to think of what to do. I'm basically trying to teach Johnny how to assist me on shoots with lighting, etc. At least I have an assistant & mua. What I'm super nervous about is where I'm going to shoot with Apnea. I don't like the typical studio setting, so I really need to pull something amazing together to make it appear otherwise. Not sure I can afford more furniture rental...although I did buy this amazing 60's yellow hanging light I'm going to use. I've got to get concept sketches going on that, I've just been so busy. I'm really excited about shooting with her and I'm sure I'll get something great, no matter the setting. I just have to buckle down and make accessories/clothing/etc. by next Monday. Did I mention my birthday is this Saturday? Like I have time for it...

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