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Design sketch & its execution.

Last week was craziness. The big crunch for my shoot with Apnea. Tuesday, our friend Kyle became a father, so we drove to Little Rock Wednesday night to meet the baby and take him out for dinner. There goes one night of work :P but, it was a good excuse. Friday I spend all night coming up with the design for Apnea's outfit. My parents came into town Saturday and took me out for birthday lunch at Old Chicago. Unfortunately Toad Suck was going on and its a pain to go anywhere downtown in that. I always forget about it, but it always happens the first weekend of may, which also happens to be where my birthday falls.

It was clear until mid-afternoon. I'm checking out at Hobby Lobby & they announce a tornado moving our way (it was sunny when I went inside). On my way home, its chaos. Pouring rain, panicking tourists. You can't see five feet in front of you and it's jam-packed. A couple of bad wrecks seen on my five minute drive home. And those are on back-roads. So we're waiting out the storm at home, and when we see a break in it we head out for quick sushi before the next wave hits. Afterwards, we headed over to shaun's, where I spend hours upon hours making pinwheels. Six in the morning hits, and I finally finish and we head home to bed.

Sunday, we put up the set, hung the pinwheels, & set up lighting. Back home, I sewed until my fingers were bruised. I finished everything, although I only had three hours of sleep before getting up and heading out for the shoot in Little Rock. More on the shoot later, plus
photos... I've got to get to work here.

Johnny sitting in for test lighting. He hung all the pinwheels while I put them on strings. Check out my awesome new light. Chach, one of Ashlee's co-worker's let me use his studio.

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