Alchemy & Lace


So today I woke up at the crack of dawn (okay so around 9...) and picked up Trisha for our test/practice shoot. We did portraits of her plus images of her applying make-up to Ashlee for self-promotion purposes. After the portraits, we went to ZaZa's for lunch and had pizza, salad, & gelato! It took us longer than expected to finish, but I think we got some good stuff.
On the commute home, my car started smoking and we had to call a friend for help. After waiting on the side of I40, semi's flying by, in a baking truck, help arrives in the form of people I once knew when I first met my Johnny at Waffle House 4 years ago. Turns out it was my air-conditioning belt. It would've been fine, but with my luck with cars, it was best not to leave things to chance.
Totally exhausted, but very productive day.

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