Alchemy & Lace


Almost a year later...

I got married in September, moved to Washington with my husband and my wolf in October, and I guess a lot has happened. I've been looking for work non-stop, and haven't had much luck. I just had a string of interviews at various department stores after 7 months of being here. It's tough, as Portland jobs are very much found by knowing people in the area. LOVING it here, despite the rain, and so grateful not to have to deal with the crazy tornado weather in the South.

I've been working so hard on finding a job, a place to live I've hardly had any time to create. It's really depressing, but it will all be worth it to have a place of our own again. I miss my garden & my privacy, but it's so beautiful out here, moss & ferns everywhere you look. I'm itching to do some photo shoots, create a summer line for Alchemy & Lace, and just to have a little work area to paint, draw, & sew. I have so many amazing people lining up for collaborations, it's a little overwhelming. If I had a sale for every collaboration inquiry, I could support my designing habit nicely and make a very meger living!

Right now we're living on a farm in the middle of nowhere with the inlaws, it's thirty minutes into Vancouver and forty into Portland. I want to paint rooms, refinish old furniture, making my own curtains. I thrive on sensory creativity and miss being able to feel like a place is 'home'. We're hoping to find a place by June.