Alchemy & Lace



Trisha - Shot with Phase 1 P30+ & Profoto lights, with a blue filter from the side.

Productive day today. Kind of. I had a little time to waste on Assasin's Creed II. My chamomile & coriander has also gained a second set of leaves, and my mint sprouted. I thinned the sprouts out, paid some guy to mow my lawn, and took my dog on a walk.

Now I'm at work, trying to get our system of computers in perfect order, backed-up, & without incident. Working out with Ashlee after work - I can't wait to see the new labels Ashlee has been working on for our jars. I have a lot to do preparing for the shoot with Kelly Saturday. Trisha did a great job on our test shoot, making up Ashlee & getting a feel for being on the set in general. I need to go thrift shopping for a slip to appropriate, and I have to go to Home Sweet Home to rent furniture for the shoot.

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