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The result of Kelly Harrison-Gunn shoot. Still have film left to develop, but I'm pretty happy with the results. She was a great model, so glad the slip fit! I tried using a fog machine, and it just blew up all the security alarms for like 15 minutes. Talk about nerve-racking. I feel like I wasn't at my best. She brought the photog that flew her into Little Rock, and it just messed up my flow having him around. He started taking pictures of my set when I was messing with lights, which made me want to throttle him. New rule: unless I'm collaborating, no photographers I don't know on the set. I think it went very well other than those few bumps. Props to Trishia, my mua for helping me on her birthday!

Sunday, I drove to Heber Springs and spent the day with my mom. We went out to lunch, then to Van's Fruit Market where I bought chocolate mint, pineapple sage, a few other herb plants, & wasabi peanuts. Mr. B & I cleaned the house later that evening watched Dario Argento's Phenomena. Good movie, bad acting, amazing cinematography.
I've begun experimenting with spice mixtures and using friends as guinea pigs. I now have my own cocoa masala chai recipe & toasted middle eastern spice rub. I'm looking forward to my week off coming up! It would be nice to focus all my energy on my work for once instead of someone else's. Another photo shoot to prepare for on May 3rd, so I have lots to prepare for. I think I'm going to draw a wallpaper background with prismacolor pastels. I'm thinking blue padded walls with pale yellow highlights, with buttons in the corners.

Speaking of padded walls, now I'm thinking of how amazing Lisa Yuskavage is...

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