Alchemy & Lace



I had an eye exam so I got off work early and had time to take pictures in my backyard. I did a lot of staring into the sun...



"Toothfairy", Mixed media on Silver Gelatin Print, 15x15", 2009

"Ashlee", Silver Gelatin Print, 15x15", 2009

Both from an attic shoot in Fort Smith, AR. I made a lot of accessories, did alterations for this shoot, including the jabot & leg-warmers. The slip Ashlee is wearing had a lace added to the straps, chest, & bottom hem. Although you can't really see either clearly since its out of focus...



New concept sketch.

E.J. Bellocq, Photographs from Storyville, The Red-Light District of New Orleans, Around 1912



Sketch for accessories/photo shoot.

I found this old coke tray at a flea market, perfect for my new jars. They're for Alchimia e Merletto, the shop Ashlee & I are working on, hopefully launching mid-April! I got them from Mountain Rose Herbs and couldn't be happier. I'm a sucker for glass bottles - we plan to fill them with spice mixtures/rubs & herbal aromatherapy mixtures. We still have so much to do: creating labels, testing mixtures, etc. These probably won't be ready until after the shop has been up for a while.

On another note, I made Chicken Korma for lunch! The rest of the day has been wasted battling with my computer's ability to handle raw files. I need to fix my little laptop so I can do photo editing at Waffle House. I don't get distracted in public places, so I just sink into myself and focus. Unfortunately I'd have to spend over 150 to get my laptop up and working again.


First Post

So I'm not great at blogging, but I'll try it out for a while. I have tons of inspirational work to share, and I will also be posting new work of mine as well!

A little about myself: I am a dreamer, and have unrealistic life goals that I am determined will come to be eventually. But I've seen some people do crazy shit with their lives, the good crazy shit, so I think it's possible for me to attain my dreams of living off of my art/creations:

Hypnotic Dreams, Mixed Media on Photograph, 15x15, 2007

For now I am the sole-employee of a crazy-talented photographer, and have been for the last three years. I interned with him, and it turned into a full-time job after college. I prepare his prints for signing by pressing, spotting, & stamping them, develop his film & make contact sheets, set up lighting & assist on shoots, but it's mostly a lot of office work & turning around digital prints/cds for clients. We recently just finished the last of the scans for a book he's publishing with Aperture & Maarten Schilt called One Block, which is a humanistic view of one block recovering from the flood in New Orleans. He had just started the project when I started work with him, so it's been awesome seeing a book from start to finish. And having such a big hand it: color correcting images, organizing, creating suggested spreads (a few of mine made it in!), spending hours transcribing quotes, etc. Getting to know the people on this block (without actually meeting them) and hearing their stories has been one of my favorite parts to this. I did actually make the trip to the block last November and stayed with a couple I 'knew', Lisa & Markus. We even went barhopping with Lisa. Our last night, we went to the Emilie Autumn concert: pretty girls in burlesque costume, electric violin, & earthshattering voice = best show I've ever seen. Anyhow, there I go on a tangent...One Block comes out this summer.

I live with my fiance, who's a total nerd, but I wouldn't have him any other way. We have a beautiful white wolf princess who is more like a child than an animal.

Little facts about me:

*Socially awkward to an extreme. Paranoid. Neurotic.
*I don't get along well with many girls, they make me act all weird...
*LOVE horror movies, foreign films, & video games!
*I cook a lot, and love to experiment with exotic foods. Right now I'm on an Indian food kick.
*I just planted an herb garden!
*I collect junk and am a pack-rat. It's hereditary.
*I'm really clumsy. I hurt myself & knock things over on a daily basis.
*I make my dog's food, and have been for almost a year now.
*I paint, draw, & take pretty pictures of pretty girls!
*I sew & make odd little things for my photo shoots.