Alchemy & Lace



Design sketch for Kelly Harrison-Gunn shoot.

I have a shoot early in the morning with my make-up artist & Ashlee. Haven't even packed for it. Awesome! Things are off to their usual start.

My boss is off to Africa & Europe for the next month, so I've been busy helping him prepare and getting everything with the book squared away before he's out of touch. I went in today to help him finish packing, which is usually really f'n stressful right before [international] trips, and it actually went smoothly (for once). I have all the Profoto gear to myself + privacy for my shoots.
For those of you who don't know what that is, Profoto is only the most bad-ass lighting gear EVER.

On another note, my basil & chamomile sprouts have gotten their second pair of leaves!

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